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In the dynamic sector of property management, the need for tailored tools is paramount. At TGR, we are committed to providing you with the most innovative solutions, facilitating every step of your mission as a manager. Our modules have been designed to offer a comprehensive experience, covering all facets of your profession, from simplified communications to proactive maintenance, and optimized administrative management.

Thanks to our suite of features, you not only increase efficiency but also ensure you meet the ever-growing expectations of your tenants and partners. Explore, through this page, how TGR is your ally in the evolution and success of managing your property portfolio.

Accessible Cloud Platform

Our various modules are easily accessible through our cloud platform, offering unparalleled accessibility to:

  • Tenants
  • Employees
  • Building Managers

Diverse Communication

We facilitate instant communication with a variety of options:

  • SMS (TEX)
  • Email
  • Voice messages

Let us introduce you to the basic modules included, as well as the additional options available for an extra fee.

Basic Modules

At the heart of our system, the module dedicated to requests and maintenance offers an unparalleled solution for easily generating regular service or maintenance requests. It allows you to direct these requests to the various specialties within your organization, monitor the real-time progress of each request, and even instantly schedule your maintenance operations. Additionally, you can effortlessly manage the schedules and work calendars of your technicians, thus facilitating optimal coordination of your teams.

Administrative Modules

Master Your Access Management with a Snap!

With our powerful access management feature, swiftly grant or revoke authorization to the TGR platform, and seamlessly modify profiles. You hold the key, deciding who steps into the platform realm with ease and precision!

Act on the Spot, Wherever You Are!

As you navigate the corners of your buildings, no minor issue escapes your notice. With this page, in just a few seconds, initiate a service request from your tablet, laptop, or cell phone. Redirect it in a flash, either automatically or manually, to the expert of the selected service. Be proactive and responsive!

Manage Requests

With this dynamic feature, you can swiftly dive into every facet of your service requests. Spot unattended demands in a flash, stay updated on the challenges your teams are tackling right now, and review requests wrapped up in the past 30 days – all at your fingertips!

Maintenance & Inspection

In just a few clicks, kickstart your maintenance operations, whether for a specific piece of equipment or a particular space. Enjoy a panoramic view of your upcoming interventions with our ultra-intuitive calendar!


Experience unparalleled ease with all your supplier contacts just a click away! With this module, managing your contracts becomes a breeze, and as a bonus, an email alert notifies you of any contract about to expire. Dive into smoother contact management than ever before!

Documentation Center

Dive into our Documentation Center, where you’ll find all documents related to your service requests, maintenance, or a specific space. Everything’s gathered and meticulously organized! Each document is at your fingertips, perfectly categorized, and matched to its designated location. Make your life simpler by having it all in one place!


Immerse yourself in the digital era with our innovative communication module! Create tailor-made mailing lists in the blink of an eye. Share essential information with all your tenants, employees, and suppliers with just one click. Fluid and instant communication guaranteed.

Inventory Management

Forget inventory discrepancies! With our innovative inventory management module, anticipate your material needs with precision for all your service requests. The icing on the cake? Set up email alerts for the purchasing manager, prompting them to order before your supplies run out. Proactive and optimized planning at your fingertips!

The reports

Uncover the revolution in analysis! Create tailor-made reports in an instant for all your questions related to service requests for your buildings. Curious about the number of requests directed to the electrician? Our report module reveals everything in a flash!

Property portfolio

Plunge into efficiency with this all-in-one module! Briefly, view your entire property portfolio, adjust building profiles, manage services offered to your tenants, and monitor active licenses. Spot pending requests and unresolved emergencies in real-time for each building. Centralize your lease management with a detailed occupancy plan and receive timely alerts about lease expirations. Simplified, optimized management—all just a click away to master your real estate universe!

Modules exclusifs pour vos locataires

Client Area

Put your tenants at the heart of the action with our dynamic Client Portal! With just a simple click, they can initiate their service requests and track their progress in real-time. They can also generate their own reports on requests sent to the administration. As a bonus, they have direct access to key documents like the tenant’s manual, emergency protocols, and much more. Everything they need, right at their fingertips!

Additional modules (extra fees)

Dashboard and technician statistics management

Unleash the power of analysis with a clear view of your buildings’ statistics! These invaluable insights empower you to set excellence standards in serving your tenants. Quickly pinpoint areas for improvement, refine your processes, and propel yourself towards the goals set by upper management. Take the reins and aim for excellence!

The sensors

Maximize the monitoring of your spaces with our high-performance sensors with extended range! Utilizing IOT LoRa technology (Internet of Things Solution Long Range), widely adopted in Europe, our sensors guarantee a reliable and long-range connection. Equipped with long-lasting batteries, they are ready to detect a multitude of situations, from water leaks to temperature variations, even in the harshest conditions. And for emergencies? A panic button is at hand. Safety and responsiveness, all in one device!

The NFC tags

Unleash the magic of NFC tags (Near Field Communication) ! Optimize your patrol rounds and masterfully manage check-in frequencies at key points. Efficiency and precision, all in a single touch!

Loan and Rental Module

This module facilitates the booking of equipment and spaces through the integration of NFC chips. Whether you need a conference room, an elevator for your moves, or any other equipment, everything is now at your fingertips with just a few clicks!

Thanks to a dynamic calendar, track availability in real time and avoid double bookings. Plan ahead and easily book the time slot that suits you.

Experience simplicity and efficiency; invite your clients to discover this innovative module today!

Virtual Manager (VM) Module

Why opt for the Virtual Manager? Here are the undeniable advantages:

Maintenance Aspect

Comprehensive Inspections: Guarantee of exhaustive compliance.

Effective Maintenance Tracking: For an optimal overview of your equipment.

Proactive Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Management: Develop short, medium, and long-term expenditure plans, allowing you to have a clear and organized view of your finances.

Standardized Inspection Reports: Benefit from uniform inspection reports for ease of understanding and use, thus optimizing the decision-making process.

Administrative Aspect

Management of Your Premises: Tracking and management of changes to your premises optimized for a real picture of the floor-by-floor distribution of leased and vacant lots, from your “Stacking plan”.

Service Request Tracking: Coordination of managing your follow-ups for daily service requests with the internal team and external suppliers.

Monthly Report: On the performance statistics of your building’s service requests, for continuous improvement of the services offered to your tenants.

The Virtual Manager offers simplified and efficient real estate management, positioning itself as your reliable ally on a daily basis.

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